Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hole in One!

Check out this hole in one!


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Backyard Leaves Blocking

Well, I finished Backyard Leaves some time ago (long enough ago to be halfway through Forbes Forest). However, it was rolled up in a towel in two pieces, languishing while I screwed up the courage to block it. I've never blocked anything before, and of course this is a complicated pattern and not that great looking (at least I know everything else in the book will be a cakewalk by comparison), so I'm worried about making worse.

I pinned it down in the hallway, mostly because the third bedroom has its vent closed and I think it'll be too cool to dry quickly enough. Pinning went slow, even though I had done a pinning test run a few weekends ago. After that, I spritzed it with water from the "Bad Kitty Water Sprayer" -- they were like, "Um, shouldn't you be spraying that at us? We're bad!" At first the setting was on stream (a good setting for kitties far away on the counter) so I had to blot one half of the scarf to get the excess water.

Now it's pinned, damp and covered with a towel in the hallway. The cats have lost interest since I took the pins away and walked away myself.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Backyard Leaves more than half done

See title... yay!! It looks good even unblocked. I tried to figure out how to do the second half by picking up stitches from the seam location, but quickly got confused about what was right side and wrong side and elected to actually follow the instructions. Just getting started on the first repeat of the second half.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Backyard Leaves Moving along

I've done 4 repeats on Backyard Leaves in the Andean silk. I'm using size 8 circular needles, which make it a bit more compact (the overall experience, not the knitting). This is one size up than recommended by the pattern. So far, so good. I have made mistakes a few times by mixing up the symbols on the chart (which change depending on if you are on the WS or RS). These have been quickly caught and fairly easy to unknit and redo. At this point, I understand the pattern so the chart is only providing reference for unusual stitches.

After 4 repeats, I have not yet finished a single ball of yarn, good sign. The fabric is flexible but feels dense, it will make a nice scarf. It's worth noting the odd rows are the RS rows. The pattern did not make this clear, you have to divine it but finding the chart symbols that only apply to one side and then locating them on the chart.